Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Enough about Matisyahu

Over the last couple weeks, recording artist Matisyahu and his major label debut, Youth, have been getting enough press to kill a senator. He's been written up everywhere - from Rolling Stone and The New York Times to the Toronto Star and Houston Chronicle. His face is all over television - on MTV spots. On Conan O'Brien. On Jimmy Kimmel Live. And the list goes on. And on.

And as of right now, I'm waving the white flag. Please stop! I get it! He's a Hasidic Jewish guy singing reggae and beatboxing! It's wacky! It's novel! It's spiritually uplifting! But enough already! Exclamation point!

A Jewish guy? Singing reggae? Now I've seen everything!

I mean, the guy's music is okay. It's smooth, conscious, and catchy in that white-guy way (he actually reminds me of a cleaner Bradley Nowell from Sublime). But I'm sick of seeing him everywhere, along with proclamations that he's The Savior of Music, and that he's unique and wonderful and trailblazing. Hey, guys? Sorry to break up the lovefest, but this isn't Jimi Hendrix here. It's a Hasidic reggae singer. Is there such a famine in mainstream music that a feeding frenzy breaks out whenever anything remotely interesting gets thrown in the water? Wait, don't answer that.

(Photo Credit: StarPolish)

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Kieran said...

Look I'm sorry, I really tried, but I just can't appreciate what you're saying. Perhaps if you talked more about Cathedrals, or fish?

Belle said...

I have heard that he's some great phenomenon but I haven't heard him sing and truthfully, I have no desire to! And I know I probably shouldn't say that because I'm Jewish and all and I suppose ALL Jews should like him, lol, but I just can't get into that nonsense!