Friday, March 10, 2006

Last push for the Terps

Well, they sure make it interesting, don't they? After whooping Georgia Tech last night, the Maryland Terrapin mens' basketball team remains in the postseason hunt, and faces Boston College tonight with a possible trip to the NCAA Tournament on the line. Or, as I like to call it, The Big Dance.

I guess Travis Garrison's claims that the team was going to "shock a lot of people" with a late-season run isn't so far-fetched now. Not that he did anything - anything - to help out (four points on 1-4 shooting, four rebounds, three fouls, one block, zero assists, two turnovers in 13 minutes of my sporting life that I'll never get back). But he's there in spirit. Gold star, Travis. Overall, the team played very well. It might have actually been their most complete game of the season. I didn't watch overly closely because I was too busy taking my buddies' money in a friendly game of Texas Hold 'Em, but it seemed like that Mike Jones three from the corner with a hand in his face set the tone. They were out for blood, and they got it. I hesitate to use phrases like "peaking at the right time" for this team, but we'll see. Boston College will be a far stiffer test.

Either way, Maryland MUST get the win tonight against BC, and probably needs to win their next game too in order to stand a strong tournament chance. I'll be rooting for them. Go Terps!

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