Monday, March 06, 2006

So long, Lavar

Redskins fans got the news they had been anticipating yesterday when the team cut LaVar Arrington, both a) to save cap room (and it saves a LOT of cap room), and b) because Arrington and his agents didn't have a good relationship with the organization (ie, Daniel Snyder) anymore. It's unfortunate, because LaVar was a good player (a touch overrated, but still good) and an even better community, face-of-the franchise guy, because he's a smart guy who seems to genuinely care about the fans and the city he plays in. If he ever had a weakness on the field, it was that he tried to be everywhere at once, and as a result often ended up nowhere. Here's hoping that doesn't happen to him off the field, and that he finds a good fit and lands in a good situation. He was great here, and he deserves a great career. Good luck, LaVar.

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ombudsman said...

I love LaVar, but for all his good guy camera preening and love for the redskins he is the only veteran who refused to restructure his contract. The guy already makes 20% of the team's entire payroll. He is a good player but not worth the money. Let's hope the skins find someone athletic enough to stop those long runs over the right side, i.e. NOT warrick holdman.

Town E. Dispatch said...

Dear LaVar-

I know it probably won't ever happen, but I must ask you this question: Don't you think you'd look good in the black and gold? Yeah, me too.

Your pal,