Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Yes! Terps draw a #1 seed!

I am so jazzed and proud that these Maryland Terrapins drew a #1 seed for the second straight year! I mean, sure, if it was 1962, this would be a much bigger deal, but still! I don't know why Gary Williams almost didn't accept the bid, then was forced to when he found out someone had already committed them. That's quite a tight ship they're running over there right now!

So congrats again to the Terps and all our great seniors - I just hope this doesn't go to these kids' heads! At this time next year, it would be a shame for Travis Garrison to get all cocky about this with all his fellow car wash employees. Here's hoping they stay grounded amid this dizzying ride they are taking themselves - and all of us - along for. Huzzah!

P.S. - Get your
NIT bracket right here! Hot off the press! Be the first person in your office to fill out an NIT bracket! I've got the Terps going to the third round. Now THAT is some rarefied air. Go Terps!

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