Friday, March 24, 2006

Nah nah nah nah...HEY HEY HEY...Gooood-bye (DUKE SUCKS!)

After last night's big win by LSU, I can sleep a little easier, knowing Dookie Nation is slouching back to its evil lair. I'm not normally into schadenfreude, but watching J.J. Redick cry at the end of the game made me a little happy. A little giddy.

(There there, J.J. I know a place you can retreat to for solace when you're feeling blue -- your poetry notebook.)

It also looks like Dookie Nation -- just as likeable as ever -- will be shedding some tears this morning, as they
settle their debts with some LSU folks. Enjoy that crow, guys!

Tyrus Thomas was a force of nature...and he's only a freshman.

As for the game, MAN, did LSU look good. Despite the fact that neither team could throw the ball in the ocean from a rowboat, LSU's tandem of Freshman Tyrus Thomas and Sophomore Glen "Big Baby" Davis (can't wait until he eats himself out of the NBA seven or eight years from now) prowled the paint like hungry bear-wolves, despite the referees' best efforts to foul them out. This happened much in the same way Freshman Garrett Temple silenced J.J. If this LSU team (whose
roster only has one senior, Darrel Mitchell) stays together, watch out. In fact, screw that. If their shots start falling, watch out right now!

(Photo Credit: Rob Carr/AP)

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