Thursday, March 09, 2006

What's with China and spitting

As part of its sweep-the-bad-stuff-under-the-rug-for-the-2008-Olympics campaign, the Chinese government is addressing what is apparently a major problem in their culture: rampant spitting. How charming.

In a March 1 Post story, Beijing city official Zhang Huiguang says they are educating citizens on "the right way to spit."

"You have to spit into a tissue or a bag," she explains, "and then put it into a dustbin to complete the process." Outstanding. I'm never going to look at a bowl of egg drop soup the same way again.

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Apparently, this is a longstanding problem for the People's Republic. They tried to clean things up in
2003 during the SARS scare. I guess it didn't take. They must love their expectorating over there. SARS may cause death, Mr. President, but spitting is my life! And it's not just limited to mucus and saliva! Oh, no. They've got a gum problem, too. The only question now is, where do I get my plane ticket?

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