Thursday, March 23, 2006

The weather looks mighty fair on that bandwagon...

Handkerchief on stick? Check. Tattered trenchcoat? Check. Hangdog expression? Check. Bag of stolen old lady pills? Check. With NCAA Tournament action returning to Verizon Center tonight, and with the Terps not in the proceedings, I'm a fan without a home. And you know what that means...

Because, the great thing about sports fandom? Fickleness, of course. Example: How many 49ers fans did you know in the 1980s, or Bulls fans in the 90s? How about now? So in keeping with that spirit of shiftlessness, I am stowing away on the George Mason and Georgetown bandwagons. Huzzah!

Who, me? Oh, yeah. I've been a Bulldogs fan for decades!

I actually don't see anything wrong with glomming onto other teams -- especially local teams -- if "your" team isn't involved. I also root for all non-Duke ACC teams under these circumstances. And after reading a great Post article on GMU coach
Jim Larranaga today, I defy anyone not to root for him. Also, Mike Wise paints a good, if somewhat less immediately likeable, portrait of the Georgetown program and their slightly, er, deliberate approach to scoring. That's a little like saying Anna Benson is slightly, er, entreprenurial. Anything goes in The Spin Zone.

So huzzah, Hoyas and Colonials, or Patriots or whatever. Help us fans with no other rooting interests be proud to pretend to have rooted for you lo these many years!

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