Thursday, March 16, 2006

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Who doesn't love March? I don't know, but don't bring that commie crumb bum around me. The weather is getting warmer (at least in theory), it's St. Patrick's Day time (I'm Irish, ya wee wanker), and my birthday falls around now.

But of course, the prime reason why this stretch of the calendar is so awesome is because it provides the setting for the greatest sporting event in America. March Madness. Screw the killjoys who lament lost productivity. I've been hearing more and more of this talk lately. These are the same people who are relieved when the holidays end so they can go back to work. Have another lump of coal there, Scrooge. Can I re-moisten that blanket for you?

cue CBS theme music...da-da-da-da-da-DAAAAAA-da-da-da-DUM-da-DUM-DAAAA-dum-dat-da-daaaaa...Welcome back to our CBS Studios in New York, I'm Greg Gumbel alongside my partners Clark Kellogg and Seth Davis...guys, almost too many shocking upsets to count today, huh?

My bracket? Yeah, I filled one out. Even though
the stinking Terps chose to draw a #1 seed in That Other Tournament, which is somewhat akin to trying to rent The Lord of the Rings and returning with That Other Liv Tyler Movie.

But maybe this will be a good thing, as the Terps aren't around to cloud my judgment. My pick highlights include UNC Wilmington knocking off hometown favorite George Washington (I don't have much faith in King Whale Killer's knee, plus those mid-major Carolina schools always play well in the tourney), Wichita State in the Sweet 16, and Utah State beating Washington for my obligatory "12-over-5" pick.

I also have Pittsburgh upending UCLA for a Final Four berth--I've always liked Carl Krauser, and their defense is just so nasty. Perhaps my biggest pick, however, is Villanova winning the whole ball of wax. They play good consistent ball, they've got great guards, and they beat UConn, so what else do you really need? Duke and UConn (my other two Final Four picks) are great, but neither is a juggernaut. And since everyone else is picking one of them, if Villanova can make a little magic (and it wouldn't be the first time) my office pool could be ripe for the plucking.

Can't wait til noon today. Let's get it on!

P.S. Stuck in an office with no video, like me? Let me recommend this here game tracker. It's awesome, baby!

(Photo Credit: The Journal News)

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Town E. Dispatch said...

first of all: pitt is not for real. we will find this out soon. carl krauser is tremedously overrated.

but you are correct mr. harris, it is the most wonderful time of the year. it made me actually WANT to get out of bed this morning. and thank god there's a tv where i work, so i wouldn't have to feign illness.

my brackets go as follows:

the money bracket: uconn over duke, with 'nova and kansas.

my 'what're you? high?' bracket: WVU over UNC with BC and UCLA. (i had too. this is the only year in my lifetime, and probably the last time too, that the 'eers are a legit final four contender)

MSH said...

Kansas, huh? Need any help getting back in off that limb there?

That's the one bracket that's wide open, though. No one trusts UCLA, Memphis, or Gonzaga to make a serious run. Pitt has underacheived in the tourney the last few years, but I think this season they surprise some people and make a run. Of course, on Monday, when my bracket is ruined and Pitt has lost to Kent State, I will be ready to kill them all.