Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Maryland basketball is women's work

Congrats to the Lady Terps, who last night beat Utah to reach the Lady Final Four. I do not profess to be any kind of women's basketball fan, as watching a bunch of girls named Shay and Tomeka air-balling free throws is not always a particularly enticing proposition. But making the Final Four is definitely noteworthy, and hey, the guys couldn't get it done, that's for sure. So way to go, ladies.

By the way, ESPN's Pam Ward called the game last night. Can we find a little more work for Pam Ward? She's a fantastic broadcaster, and should be used more. Is she not hot enough or something? You can't tell me with a straight face that you just think Hubert Davis (not to mention the Melissa Starks of the world) are better qualified. I side with quality, consarnit. So more Pam Ward, please.


the oh said...

what's wrong with watching shay and tomeka air-balling free throws?

is there something wrong with the names, or airballing free throws? i'm confused.

although hurray you're against hiring women 'cus they're hot. 'ray.

MSH said...

There's nothing wrong with it...if you enjoy shitty basketball.

There is something wrong with the free throws in this instance...they're supposed to go in! And if you watch a lot of women's basketball, you'll realize that a large number of them are named either Shay or Tomeka. I simply report the facts.