Wednesday, March 15, 2006

New Nationals stadium...meh

Today in the Post, Thomas "the Bozz" Boswell gives his take on the new Washington Nationals stadium blueprints, unveiled yesterday. He says it's either going to be average, or breathtaking.

After taking the virtual tour (available
here), I'm going with the former. I'm more in the camp of the Washington Times, who call the design "bland" and "blocky," with "no strong, memorable image." I agree. It's a decent-looking ballpark and all - I'm especially glad they kept with the city's white stone architectural theme. But it doesn't exactly grab me by the lapels, and the view of the Capitol is unspectacular, although at least the view exists, so that's good.

The "Northeast Perspective"

I'm just glad they decided to move forward with a stadium in this location, period.
This Web site (it's a terrific site, I visit all the time) gives a comprehensive sense of the entire waterfront revitalization project, detailing what's there now, and what's in the works. And it's not even a comparison. Gentrification, schmentrification. Sign me up. The area's half-oxidized industrial landscape would have been considered run-down 20 years ago. And this project will open up a whole new area for Washington, D.C.--essentially a second downtown. I can get down with that.

So I say, cheers to the overall project. Lukewarm golf claps and a big "meh" for the stadium itself.

Boswell Column,
Washington Times article

(Photo Credit: HOK/The Washington Post)

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