Friday, March 17, 2006

Welcome to this special DOUBLE epsisode of "That's Not A Word!"

Hello, and welcome back to "That's Not A Word!" We're taking a break from our March Madness coverage to bring you this special double episode! Call this the eye of the storm, if you will.

And wow...what a delightful segue! Because our first winner today, taking up the crown from ESPN football analyst
Kirk Herbsteit, is none other than the co-host of "Your Weather Today" on The Weather Channel every weekday morning, Mrs. Heather Tesch!

What went wrong? She has the look of a spelling Juggernaut.

Heather, on Tuesday's edition of "Your Weather Today," you were concerned about the effects of the recent
deadly tornadoes that swept the Midwest. You asked a fellow meterologist who was on location in the affected area when the town would return to a sense of "normallacy." Heather, after looking up "normallacy" in the dictionary, we've discovered THAT'S NOT A WORD!

But look out! Hold it right there! Don't touch that dial! Because Heather's not the only winner on today's episode! The other winner is George Washington University head basketball coach Karl Hobbs. (That March Madness break didn't last too long, did it?) In his comments to the media following an impressive victory in the NCAA tournament's first round, Hobbs said he admired the "resiliency" of his players. Karl, I'm sorry to bring you down from your post-game high, but THAT'S NOT A WORD!

Better luck next time, Karl.

Your prizes? Well, since Karl is such a fine basketball coach, and Mrs. Tesch is such a fine broadcast meterologist, we thought we'd have some fun with this one. That's right -- you're switching professions! Heather, you'll be editing box scores for the rest of this postseason, and Karl, you'll be proofreading the teleprompter at The Weather Channel. Hope there are no "stroms" in the forecast! If you get my drift! Best of luck to you both, and we'll see YOU next time on THAT'S NOT A WORD!

(Photo credits: The Weather Channel; J. Marquette Associated Press)


slskenyon said...

Absolutely hilarious. I could actually hear the game-show-host inflection in the little voice in my head.
I would recommend "Blackmail"--old Monty Python sketch.
I'm stuck in the UK--how is the tournament going?

MSH said... is the tournament going...I guess it depends on who you ask. For me? It's going terribly, because my bracket is no longer even recognizable as a bracket. But if I didn't have a bracket, I'd say it was going great!