Monday, May 01, 2006

NFL Draft: Skins OK, Titans kick butt, Dallas sucks, Lions already in toilet

Here's a little draft report. And I guess this is as good a time as any to assess the Redskins offseason as well.

The Skins didn't have any really high draft picks, but that's okay - they didn't have a lot of glaring needs either, especially after signing Antwaan Randle El, Brandon Lloyd, and Adam Archuleta earlier this offseason. None of this stopped them, of course, from giving away next year's second-round pick to move up like two spots in this draft to get
Rocky McIntosh, outside linebacker, The U. Hope that's worth it. In the rest of their picks, they went mostly with defenders. I would have loved to see them go after lots of O-lineman. But that just wouldn't have been very splashy, now, would it?

I thought the Titans had a great draft, getting Vince Young (who I think will be good in the NFL, but maybe not necessarily as strictly a QB) and LenDale White, who I think is going to be a Terry Allen type in the league for a lot of years, haters be damned. I am also upset that the Cowgirls got
Bobby Carpenter, an Ohio State linebacker who played alongside A.J. Hawk and bears a strong resemblance to Norse thunder god Thor. I hate it when the 'Girls draft a player that I like. I'm just now getting over Dat Nguyen being a 'Girl, and now this. Ah, screw it.

Also, just as another aside, I believe it is now official that the Detroit Lions are the most poorly run franchise in professional sports, falling behind the resurgent Los Angeles Clippers, Cincinnati Bengals, and YOUR Montreal/Washington Expos/Nationals. They
passed up Matt Leinart for linebacker Ernie Sims, a name that just screams "10-year journeyman." And this is a team that has drafted a wide receiver in the first round of the last 29 drafts. They suck. They suck. The Lions suck!

Matt Millen is the worst GM in sports right now. He figured he would pass up Heisman winner Leinart for linebacker Ernie Sims and go to war next year with offensive coordinator Mike Martz helming an offense quarterbacked by either Jon Kitna, Dan Orlovsky, Josh McCown, or Shaun King. Just keep reading that sentence over and over again until you start laughing. It'll happen, trust me.

As for the Skins, I'll give 'em a C in the draft, and B+ for the entire offseason. It's gonna be another rugged year, but color me cautiously optimistic at this point. Go Skins!

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