Wednesday, May 24, 2006

American Idol: Taylor's got that mess on LOCK!

Last night's American Idol went pretty much true to form. Taylor dressed funny and endeared himself to everybody, Katherine sang pretty, and in the end, it was Taylor who emerged. The difference maker was those original songs - you know those awful, awful original songs that sound like they were written by robots? Katherine sang hers well enough, but had this look on her face the whole time like "I know this song sucks, but I didn't pick it or write it, and I'm making the best of it, so please don't hold it against me." And on the other hand, Taylor took his song - which was just as sucky - and ran with it. She's the better singer, he's the better performer. Edge goes to performer.

"I knew I should have cut this dress lower"

I was definitely
pulling for McPhee, but Taylor just has that certain something. During the obligatory flashbacks to the two finalists' very first try-outs, when they asked Taylor (as they ask everyone) why he wanted to be the next American Idol, he said "because I want my voice to be heard."

Simon asked him, "Why?"

And Taylor goes "Cuz I got one."


Is it bad that I really like this show? I don't mind admitting it. I know it's just a glorified karaoke contest, and it's not "real music," and they don't write their own songs or play their own instruments, and so forth. But still. What's the harm? When a guy like Taylor Hicks can rise to the top, and make us all believe again? Aaand, tear down the face, aaaaand cue Daniel Powter, aaaand fade to credits.

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