Monday, May 22, 2006

I've a good feeling about this LeBron James person

So I watched Game 7 yesterday, in which the Pistons outmatched and out-teamed the cavalier Cavaliers, and I must say, that that LeBron James kid that Cleveland has? That young kid? I think he might become a special talent in this league. You heard it here first. Mark it down.

Everyone compares him to Jordan, but I don't think their games are similar at all, outside of both simply having a ton of talent. Where Jordan was the ultimate Ferrari, LeBron is like a Hummer. Or, more appropriately, he's like an NFL player who's tall and fast enough to be in the NBA. He just runs right through you. Or past you. There was one play yesterday that reminded me a lot of Culpepper-to-Moss those years they were both with the Vikings. Cavs got a fast break, LeBron beat everyone down the court, the Cavs player with the ball simply lobbed it toward the rim, completely confident that James would run under it, rise up and throw it down. And he did.

But in the end, the Pistons as a whole were too much. But remember me saying this - that LeBron James kid could be destined for big things.

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