Thursday, May 25, 2006

I'm just saying: If I was a pedophile, and a racist...

It must be redneck week here at No One Appreciates Me. But it ain't about hate. Being part redneck myself, I not only tolerate, I celebrate. First, there was my story on The Wreckers' new album - a true country effort through and through. Second was that misunderstood piece of equipment - the whiskey still - finally getting its due in mainstream America for the marvel that it is.

And now, here's a story about Candice Hardwick, a South Carolina girl protesting her high school's ban on confederate clothing. She wants to celebrate something heritage something something. Now take a look at this girl.

She's just 15 years old...leave her alone...they saaaaid....

I'm not saying anything. I'm just saying. Just expressing solidarity with her protest. But seriously. If people want to wear confederate clothing - or Nazi memorabilia, for that matter - then I'm all for it. Not only is it protected under the first amendment, but it also helps me to figure out who is and isn't a jerk without me having to actually, you know, talk to them. It's like a public service.

Aaaaand, give me pensive, Candice

Yes, yessss, I like it. In a big-brotherly sort of way.

Washington Post story link

(Photo credits: Top - Mary Ann Chastain/AP; Bottom - CBS)

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