Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My new neighbor is this huge road

So the new Intercounty Connector highway officially broke ground today. This is a monster issue in Washington, D.C.'s Maryland suburbs. For literally half a century, people have been going back and forth on it. But unless the opposition groups decide to sue, it's going forward and will be all set by 2010.

With all this in mind, I checked out the Post article on the thing today. Absently, I clicked on a link to a map of the highway route. As I looked, my eyes widened, and my coffee mug clattered to the floor like I was Chazz Palmintieri in "The Usual Suspects."

The highway starts like a mile from my house. Wait....WHAT???

A mile! One freakin' mile! Er, is my house going to be okay? Someone answer me! PLEASE! What will become of the house? The nice green quiet neighborhood? I think this could go one of two ways: it will make my neighborhood more desirable due to its proximity to said highway, or the construction and subsequent road will absolutely mar the peacefulness of the neighborhood, which is easily its biggest draw (aside from, arguably, proximity to existing and forthcoming major transportation hubs).

But which one....which...will it the thing here.


Washington Post
story link

Washington Post
link to route map - can you see me waving?

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