Thursday, May 18, 2006

You don't pull the mask off the old Lone Ranger, and you don't mess around with Will

There are some people and things whose very existence just makes me feel better. The dry martini. Juan Dixon. The ACLU. McSorley's. The free change sorter at Chevy Chase Bank. Julia's Empanadas. George Saunders.

Another one of my favorite things is the brilliant, thoughtful, and objective (for all intents and purposes) commentaries of George Will. In today's column, Will takes social conservatives to task for presuming to be more "morally awake" than others, and blames the media for going along for the ride. Specifically, he attacks the phrase "values voters," a slogan invented by conservatives to describe themselves and the "sacred bond" they have with politics by virtue of their views on abortion, gay people, The Children, etc. He then calls it irresponsible, as it "subtracts from social comity by suggesting that one group has cornered the market on moral seriousness." He then goes on to note that only one Republican Senator voted against funding a huge, largely useless bridge in Alaska in favor of spending the money instead on Hurricane Katrina relief. Check, values voters. Check, and mate.

This "values voter" thing, and other things like it, is one of many, many factors that have essentially made it impossible to hold a civil political dialog in this country anymore. Kudos to George Will for calling this bluff. When this guy gets his dander up, ain't nobody safe, son. NOBODY!

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