Tuesday, May 23, 2006

If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is awake to see it...

It's official. After last night's Game 7 doubleheader, which saw Dallas upset defending champion San Antonio in an overtime slugfest, and the Suns, led by league MVP Steve Nash, derail the upstart Clippers in yet another barnburner, I have decided that it royally sucks that these freaking games are on so damn late on the East Coast that I have no chance of staying awake past the first freaking quarter!

I understand that there has to be some kind of time lag, but still. These games have lasted into the wee hours, with Game 5 of Suns-Clippers
ending well past 2 a.m.. Hey, I know I'm a sucker, but I've gotta work tomorrow. And it sucks that I've been missing all the games, only to wake up next morning to the ubiquitous talk, talk, and more talk about how These Playoffs Are Reviving The League. I wouldn't know. So if these really are keying a revival, maybe you want to make the games just a liiiittle bit earlier for all us East Coasters. AKA, like half the country's population. Thanks a bunch.

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