Wednesday, May 17, 2006

American Idol - where everyone's a winner!

Last night's American Idol was pretty good, actually. All three contestants showed up and brought it. Elliott Yamin continued to prove that not only do dwarves, elves, and other magical creatures still exist...they're breeding! And Elliott is so brave to have stepped out onstage to share their magical song with us. Unfortunately, I don't see Elliott lasting past this week. But he proved once and for all that deformed dwarven half-breeds have a place in this world. No matter what you say. And for that, Elliott Yamin, I salute you.

Nextly, everyone loved Katherine McPhee's version of "Somewhere over the Rainbow" with Randy and Simon both saying it was the best vocal of the season. But I didn't buy it. Hey, I love me some McPhee, but it felt a little fakey to me. She was trying too hard to be beguiling. Or something.

But the highlight of the show - and the apple of America's eye - is clearly Taylor Hicks. He truly serves as the hero (well, second biggest hero) to us all, and particularly to the legions of special needs fans rooting on one of their own.

You look great, Taylor. Yay!
Did you pick that outfit out all by yourself?

I was bursting with pride as Taylor Hicks tore through his set. The highlight was undoubtedly Joe Cocker's classic "You are so beautiful." And it was true. You are SO beautiful, Taylor. To me. Your spirit. It soars. I kept waiting for him to pour water on himself as he sang, but unfortunately, it was not to be.

Taylor Hicks does a great Joe Cocker

Either way, if things go according to trends, Taylor will be the first white guy and first disabled person to win American Idol. And even if you don't pull it out, Taylor, you're still a winner. To me.

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