Thursday, May 18, 2006

Phew - the Nats are just incredibly, putridly bad

So the Nationals got blanked by the Cubs last night. The same Cubs who are playing without their best hitter and two best pitchers right now. The Nats got one hit - one, a measly single - from their best (and most disgruntled) player, Alfonso Soriano. And when Tony Armas, Jr. is your best pitcher, you are what they call, in baseball parlance, fucked.

"Is that Gatorade bucket big enough for me to drown in?"

With all the drama, injuries, and just general crappiness, the Nats have hit a new low. Like, a special low. It's hard to be this bad. Hey, I've suffered through plenty of lean times with the Bullets/Wizards and the Skins over the years. But I'm not sure if I've ever been associated with a sports team that was just plain, out-and-out terrible like this. Who's worse in baseball? The Marlins? They sold all their guys last year! They were supposed to be terrible. Here's hoping they turn it around. If for no other reason than I've got two Nats on my roto team.

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