Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Screw you, Chad Ford

I was checking out this thing on where you can fill out your own NBA mock draft. Sounds cool, right? So I click on the link, and where does it lead me? To Chad Ford's Top 100 Prospects, or Chad Ford's Team-By-Team Need Breakdown, or Chad Ford's Breakfast-to-Assist Ratio Calculator. Chad Ford this, and Chad Ford that. His receding hairline and goofy grin mocked me from the computer screen. But all these mountains of data could be mine if I joined ESPN Insider. Have your credit card ready.

As Ralph says in "A Christmas Story:" "A crummy commercial? Son of a bitch!"

Well, I'm not giving in. It seems like every day, moves more and more stuff over to Insider, to the point where very little is free. And hey, I understand that poor little ESPN has to make a buck. But I'm not buying in. Screw you, ESPN and Chad Ford, with your little hoity-toity NBA insider info in your little ivory tower. I'm never going to read your crap, as long as I have to pay. NEVER! That's what the blogosphere is for. But you wouldn't understand that. Jerks.


ESPN Insider ad masquerading as fun mock draft

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